Where to give birth - reviews? South N'hants.

I'm in south Northants and the midwife asked me yesterday where I plan on giving birth, Northampton General, Milton Keynes, Banbury, but how do i decide? She said she couldn't say which hospital was better which wasn't a great help is there anyone who has experiences of any of these hospitals or knows of a good site to review hospitals?

I've just spent 3 days on spencer ward at NGH and it wasn't great but the midwife said it is a horrible ward and that maternity is so much nicer.

Help anyone please? x


  • Hiya,
    I had my DS at Northampton General 10mths ago (how time flies!) I had a lovely experience, had 2 midwifes over the course of my labour and they were both lovely and very supportive. Stayed in one night and had help when I needed it. Only downside was they took a while to get discharge letters sorted but ward was busy, but couldn't fault the care.

    My friend has also recently delivered at NGH and had a positive experience during her stay.

    Some of the ladies in my postnatal group went to Banbury and they also had a great experience so would possibly consider that one too.

    Good luck whereever you choose hun.
  • Hi i had all 3 of my children in mk.
    My first birth 10 years ago was fine & my 2nd was amazing (water birth with the most adorable midwife couldn't have had better) he's almost 4 now.
    But i have to say i was very disappointed with my last birth 6 months ago.
    To start with they didn't have a bed for me & then i was put in a assessment room which i was ok with then at 7cm i finally got my delivery room.
    I had an "ok" midwife but ended up with a student midwfe who ended up delivering ds (she was 2 weeks off qualifying) she was lovely but i did feel a bit like i was left to get on as they were very busy & then when i was telling them i had to push she was telling me i wasn't ready & not to do it but low & behold 5 mins later out he popped!!!!!
    With my last 2 babies i came home within a few hours so i cant comment on postnatal ward. I'll say the midwives are lovely there, just a little over stretched (well 6 months ago anyhow).
    Hope this helps xx
  • Thanks ladies for your help, I feel lots better about NGH now, think I will def book a little tour to have a look round anyway.

    Keri-Anne - I wonder if we'll be in there at the same time! Only due a few days apart!

    Yes, I had read about a few terrible cases at MK hosp yesterday, so sad image I think NGH is where it will be.

  • Hi CurlyWurly

    I'm in South Northants too (5 miles out of Banbury) - I had my dd at the Horton in Banbury in October. Would be happy to share experiences...not sure if my email button is activated but if you'd like to know more (generally v positive actually) - let me know and I'll email you my email address. xx
  • Hi Curly Wurly,

    I had both my LO's at NGH and had postive experiences both times. DS was a difficult labour and we were kept in for 5 days after but everyone was so lovely. It was spotless and I really doubt I'd have got the hang of breastfeeding without their help. I did manage to wangle a private room which did make a difference. 2nd time around I was in and out in a matter of hours! Everything was positive again, except they took ages to discharge us which was a bit annoying as I had a very quick labour and was ready to go home.
    If I am lucky enough to have another then I think i'd like a home birth but if I had to go to hospital then i would definitely go to NGH again.

    Good Luck. X
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