snail mail - :D

(Don't laugh Girls!)

I Really, Really want a pen friend! I had a few when I was younger, but mainly my cousin who i'm really close with but lives in Dublin & a fella I used to write to (we both one so writting comp & that was part of the prize to get a pen friend - a school thing) & I wrote to both of the for YEARS!! He did live in South Africa when we were Children but goes to uni over here now, since he moved over were on each others facebook 0 so the writting just sort of stopped. Bliming internet! :lol:

There is just something Reeeeaally nice about getting a letter in the post, that you've had to wait for, and you get an excitment you dont get with e-mail, taking the time to write a letter back ect.. but I just don't know where to look for one..

I know you can look on the net, I don't know why that feels a little bit weird for me.. I don't know if there are any 'clubs' for pen friends?? does any one have one? & where did you find them? :lol: please back me up so i'm not the onlt nerdy one here! haha

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  • oh i know why i'm funny about looking on the net - lol just googled it and it's all dating sites! I'm not looking for a boy friend :lol: i've got one of those!! Just someone to write to! :lol: x
  • but do any of you know where I can find someone to snail mail with? lol x
  • judging by the slowness of this site at the min you could prob recieve a letter quicker! lol

  • Natalie - I'll be your pen friend lol!xx
  • :lol: karen doesnt count if you do it via here/text or over tea & or lunch!! :lol:
  • Well I got 2 pen friends THRU HERE!!! We don't text or email we just write letters and it is FAB (we occasionally post on the same topics on here but not often) I love it as you get to sit and write a letter and then have the excitement of seeing if the postman brings one back!

    I will happily have you as one too if you want! Just email me on the button below!!! image
  • Me too!I'll be your pen-pal!
    I STILL have a pen-pal now,though we only write about 1 letter every couple of months now,I still have all her letters under my bed in shoe boxers,so I really am a nerd lol.
    I got her out of Bunty magazine(anyone remember that?lol)when we were about 10 or so,Im 30 now so thats a hell of a lot of letters!!!!!!!!!
    Shes from Wales but is now living in Manchester with her boyfr,so not to far away from me,but oddly enough I dont think I would want to meet....I just like the mystery of getting a letter,dont actually want to talk to her in person hahahaha(only kidding..sort of!;$ )
  • I had a penpal from new zealand when i was younger. It was through the post office. I cant remember why we stopped writing. Only thing i can remember is that she had never seen snow. I quite like the idea of having a penpal.
  • i love getting letters so i know what you mean!!! I buy the photo postcards from boots and randomlly send them to friends and family with a photo of daisy and a little note to cheer them up as we only get bills and junkmail these days. my friend in australia reguarly recieves one of these ,its funny how pen pals are something we usually do as a child.
  • oh I think it might be an email type thing - sowwy xx
  • i used to have a few pen friends when i was younger, but as you say now we are all on the internet the writing kinda stopped and the emailing started, i do miss getting a letter through in the mail.
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