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I read this article today and thought it quite interesting. I have a few friends who have four or more children, but both my two friends with only children do want more but feel they can't for financial reasons. We have four, and would happily have more, but dh and I do work every waking hour to have them. I mean that rather litteraly, dh works 50 hours a week during the day, and I work nights, so we don't have to pay extra for child care. We would love to have another one or two children, but money does stress us out too. I'd love to hear how others feel about this



  • I'm so glad it mentioned that some women don't have more babies because their partner won't agree to it!
    I have a daughter who is 14 weeks now, and I've already said to my OH "I want to start TTC in May after my Birthday." and he immediately said "we can't afford it." and then "we can't handle another baby."
    I know I still have time to convince him, but it saddens me every time he says no.
  • Sammyham- my husband was the same...but just say we ARE going to start ttc in such and such month...and he's kind of just given in!

    When we first started dating he never intended on getting married or having I know I'll get my way image


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  • i just think the comments underneath are a shame. why does the vast marjoritie of britian think EVERYONE with children relys on the state? its such a shame. we are very lucky to have 2 children and yes we both have to work full time but its not only to be able to pay the bills but to also teach our children the value of money-just as our parents did with us.
    I would love another child now but hubby is the more sensible one,lol, although he hasnt said no, just not right now which was a better answer than what I got when I menetioned ttc Lizzie! but again that came down to him wanting to wait for us to be more stable.
    i do beilive if money were no object then yes we would start ttc sooner but again saying that, i amit hubby said he wanted 2 children (which we have) and I always wanted 3, which he has always know. time will tell I suppose!
  • What an interesting article! I have so many friends in this suituation. 1 had a perfect pg, no sickness and loved it, however had twins!! so her hubby has said no to anymore. She is so sad she can't be pg again!! The others all seem to have 2 and hubby's saying no to anymore mostly for financial reasons!

    I'm lucky, hubby and I have always agreed on 3. We have 2 boys atm with 23m between them. We do need more money and a bigger house before no3, but neither of us are 30 yet and after my pnd and troubles after ds2, we are happy to have a bigger gap next time. We both want a girl.........

  • I think some of the comments below the article are very unfair. I don't think some people (mostly men) understand that women don't just want children; they need them. For me it was a physical need to experience pregnancy, childbirth and bringing up children. When you don't have that it is like an ache that won't go away

    We have 1 at the mo. OH wants 2 and I want 3. The reason we aren't TTC now is purely financial. I work fulltime and Haiden is in nursery. With 2, I will have to give up work, no question. The childcare is too expensive and we wouldn't be entitled to WTC.

    Currently all we get in terms of benefits is Child Benefit and CTC, which is still based on maternity pay. Next year that payment will go down to almost nothing xxx
  • I have 2 DDs (3 and 5 months) and would love a 3rd baby in a couple of years but DH is currently saying no. Partly because of money as ideally we'd like me to reduce my hours at work so I can handle school runs etc and he's feeling v under pressure financially to get us to that point and also, he's worried (and I know this is a very valid point) that we'd be too knackered with a 3rd child. He's right about that atm but I'm convinced that once DD2 is a bit older and we're getting more sleep, the idea of a 3rd will be more realistic.

    I am very happy with my 2 girls and, if this is it I will be ok, but I am sad at the thought of never experiencing pregnancy/birth/the newborn stage again.

    Interestingly if we could be guaranteed a boy next time I think DH would be more up for it whereas I'd actually quite like a 3rd girl!!!
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