I'm Dying!!! :cry:

Not litterally. But i am so full of flu and my boys r being naughty and i cant cope! I just want to crawl under my duvet and hide. There isn't anyone i can palm them off onto either! :cry: :cry:

Anyone want them for the day? I need tissues **sniff**

(feeling extremly sorry for myself)

:cry: :cry:


  • Arr Hope you get better soon and boys behave themselves.

    Tissues and lemsip coming your way

    X X X
  • argh flu is nasty isnt it? i had tonsilitis last week but thankfully it coincided with my mums holiday from work so she came and looked after me and evie!

    hope youre feeling a lot better soon X
  • oh, poor hun. hope you feel much much better soon, get to bed as soon as their asleep tonight. x
  • I too am feeling extremely sorry for myself and im also full of flu, im off work. luckily my childminder still agreed to have harri so i could rest. xxx
  • Oh god, my heart stopped then, thought you were literally dying of some illness - naughty you! hope ur better soon xx
  • oh i hope your better soon xxx
  • Kiea thats just NOT FAIR!!!!

    I had to have my boys AND i had to go out!! I just wanna hibernate!! xxx
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