I can't believe I am this stupid!

I am nursing a bit of hangover today having gone out with some old friends for a drink last night, so I bought a bottle of coke to help.

Neve has been carrying this bottle of coke around the room and generally giving it a good shake - after watching her do this for about ten minutes she gave me the bottle back and I immediately opened it! WHY- I have just been watching her shake it!!!!!!! It took an entire bottle of carpet cleaner to get it out of my cream carpet, my house stinks of carpet 2001 and I still haven't had any bloody coke!


  • Hangovers are evil things arent they??? You must allow for a time delay before you go ahead with any task , however small!!! xxx
  • Haha. bless u. this will be me 2moro as i am off out tonight!! xx
  • Im lucky i dont get hangovers no matter how much i drink.
    i would just be glad that its only coke though, as when justin was little martin was watching him while i had a shower and some how didnt notice that he had gotten his hands on a bottle of dark soya sauce and tipped it out over the living room carpet. that was atached daily with full bottles of every kind of carpet cleaner there is, and also gone over at least 10 times with the rug doctor carpet shampooer even after all of this is still wasnt clean but it then just looked like it was badly worn.
    My daughter got a hold of the sudocrem last week and that was really bad to get out i had to pour boiled watter all over the carpet then go over it with my vax carpet shampooer
  • lol i hope the stain has come out. I have had a hangover all day and i feel so ill! we had a bottle of wine last night which then turned in to 2 bottles. Was sick last night and this morning and felt so rough! serves me right really but i never usually get this bad on wine. luckily charlie has been really good today. definately not drinking wine again for a while my stomach turns everytime i see the bottle of it in the fridge x
  • lmao - oh your poor carpet!! I bet you were soaked!
  • i'll second that Emma! Have wood floor throughout my hse, somehow my kids manage to spill all over my sofa instead!!!
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