Pretty cloth nappies?

Ive just started using cloth nappies, I mainly have coolababys, got a weenotions on order and have a few other desgins im going to order on payday. I was just after some recommendations for some nice pocket nappies? Id like some with different prints on.

Also thanks for all your help when I was switching to cloth, I love it and so glad I swapped image


  • Have a look on the classifieds forum at

    Also try the cloth diaper stores at,mostly American or Canadian but most will ship tothe UK.
  • Blueberry do prints, new tots bots flexti tots have prints (you can get both these on

    But nothing beats a WN in my opinion! I love them! I just ordered a ??40 nappy...haven't told Hubby though lol...he's going to kill
    me lol!

  • Haha ??40, what have you ordered?

    I love the new tots bots! omg the cherry one is lush!
  • It's a scene nappy with ladybirds and toadstools on front and ion bum it has more toadstools, ants, sun and a little gnome pushing a wheelbarrow! Can't wait to see it! It's for my neices enchanted garden party

  • Is it similar to one on facebook? Think ive seen it if it is, and its gorgeous!

    Do you think the cherry tots bots is too girly for a boy?
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