FAQ Bedhead

I love it, love it, love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!!!

I didn't know what it was (postwoman had thrown it down the alley while I was getting Lily from nursery) and when I opened it I was so pleased! It is fab! Now I need Lily to wake up so I can put her in it and carry her round the house! I am going to tell all the other mummies I know how fab it is!

Will get hubby to do a pic of me and Lily using it when he gets home form work and will post on facebook so you can see it!

Sooooo excited...wish Lily would wake up from her nap!



  • Yay! Really pleased you like it, poor Lily is going to be sick of being carried around by the sound of it :lol: I will watch out for the pics, I love to see people using them.
  • Hubby got home late so Lily was ready for bed so will try and get pics tomorrow before he goes to work! x
  • i think one of mates will be getting in touch with u bedhead in fact i might just buy her one which fabric colours do u have hun xx
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