the shape of a mother...

I just found this really supportive webage, it's based around helping women come to terms with the changes pregnancy and post pregnancy bring to life. It's full of pictures and little blurbs by other women. I must say it's made me feel much better knowing I'm not the only stretch mark covered belly around.



  • Wow, thanks for this link. In the days of perfect (airbrushed) celebs who are back in their skinny jeans just days after giving birth its really hard not to feel crap about yourself for looking, well not like them!

    I have lost my baby weight, am actually a stone less than pre-baby but I do have an annoying roll around my belly with a few stretchmarks that leaves me looking saggy. My boobs are no where near as firm as before - not helped by my extra weight loss and I have stretchmarks on my belly, hips, thighs and side of boobs. None are particularly bad but they do give me a general "aged" look.

    It was really refreshing to see other mums real look after baby. We should be proud of the changes to our bodies because they reflect what we've done and show our experiences, like a map of our lives (christ I'd better stop now before I get too deep and meaningful! lol).

  • Its nice to know that others feel the same way as i somethimes do thanks xxx
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