Postpartum Bleeding

I've not really posted on here since my little boy was born 6 weeks ago but you all seem great with advice so I hope you don't mind me posting out the blue like this.
Basically, to cut a long story short I had a difficult pregnancy and bled throughout most of it as I had Placenta Previa. I had an emergency section at 37 weeks when my waters broke although my placenta had moved at this point but my little man was breech... TYPICAL!
My question is, is it still normal for me to be bleeding 6 weeks (to the day)? My bleeding goes through spells of being heavy to light but since yesterday and today it is the heaviest it's been. I am pretty sure I had my "period" 28 days after delivery as I had period pains and I then had ovulation pain what would have been mid-cycle if that was my period.
All this bleeding is really getting me down now. I just feel like I have had a matress in my knickers for the past 10 months now imageimage


  • I had a PPH (lost 5 pints of blood, and have a 5 pint tranfusion just minutes after my LO was born)

    I was bleeding for 6 weeks hun.

    Apparently it is normal.

    Hope it stops soon for you.

    Congrats on your lil man btw!

  • hi hun i bleed for five and a bit weeks stoped for a couple of days and then started bleeding again for a week (think this may have been my first period) then stopped for two weeks then started again for a week, so for what your discribing it sounds pretty normal
    hope it stops soon
  • my sion is 12 weeks and i only stopped bleeding 2 days ago. had seen my doc and they just told me unless it smelt bad or caused itching pain etc. just to put up with it. im so pleased its now stopped. went to bed with no pants on for the 1st time in months.
  • thanks for your replies ladies. only a woman could bleed this long without dying lol!!! xx
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