Moles on belly changed colour??


I have 2 moles on my belly quite near my knicker line, they have been there for years and were quite dark, the darkest one I have just noticed has changed colour and is only dark in the middle, is it just cause my belly was stretched when pregnant do you think??


  • honey i'd advise that you see your GP just inacse as you can't take a risk with moles. Any change to them could indicate skin cancer (not to worry you) but if you catch a changing mole early enough it can be removed without problems.

    Is it itchy? is it perfectly rounded or has it started to get bumpy around the edge? these are other signs to look out for, im sure if you google it you'll find more info.

    Hopefully it will be nothing, worst case is they'll cut them out for you XX
  • Hi Holly777

    Not to frighten you at all hon, but I had two moles in the same place as yours, and they changed while I was pregnant, so I went to GP, in October last year after I had LO and she said to go back after a month, which I did, she referred me, and I had a small op to remove them, and it turned out to be cancer.

    Luckily as I had gone so quickly, all they did was another bigger op to remove the tumours and cancer hadn't spread.

    I was so glad I acted quicly.

    Sorry to go about me, as I am sure yours is absolutly nothing, but please go and get checked out.

    Sam xxx
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