Help please?

Hello ladies,

Im really hoping one of you can help me or offer some advice because im at a complete loss.

My little boy has just turned 9 months old. He has slept through the night (12 hours) since he was 7-8 weeks old. Until recently. For the past month, he has been waking every night between 3am and 4am, and will not settle again unless I put him in our bed. He is taking longer to settle when we put him down too. He used to go from half 6, and while he still falls asleep at this time, we're up and down for a good hour after this to re-settle him in his cot.

I thought maybe at first it was his teething, but he's been cutting teeth for four months now, he has 5 teeth through and this problem with sleeping has only started in the last few weeks.

It is literally every night. I really do not want him to get used to sleeping in our bed. I know I shouldn't take him in, but at 4am when I know im up for work in a few hours its really hard to resist the temptation!

He seems to be uncomfortable in his cot even when asleep, he's constantly tossing and turning whereas if I take him into our room, he's asleep within seconds and doesn't move all night.

Can anyone help?xx


  • Hi - this won't be any help but just wanted to say that we went through this a while back and after a week or so of coming in with us at 3am it got better. He still woke but I was able to re-settle him in his cot - so you aren't necessarily getting into a bad habit. He's only slept through once in his life though (he's now 7.5 months).

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  • Could it be his back teeth? Not sure what age they come through but I've heard they are the most painful when coming through and that they cause
    the most problems (night wakings, dribble etc)
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