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Hi Ladies

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced baby gaining alot of weight. Isabel was in the 9th centile when she was born and today at 16 weeks is 17lb 10.5oz and in the 98th centile!!!!!!

The HV said not to worry (ha ha!) but it is quite unusual to see such a tall spike in the growth chart - although they agreed she isn't a chubby baby particularly and is on the 75th centile for her length.

They said she wasn't over-feeding based on the amounts I'm giving, is sleeping well etc and so they are "sure it's fine" but to mention it to my GP when I go next week! Now I'm worried!! lol.

Anyone else experienced similar?



  • My hand is firmly in the air to this one!

    Rafferty was born at 37 weeks weighing 7lb5oz at a week old he had dropped to 6lb1oz and the HV were very worried about him so i had to start mixed feeding as i had been EBF and they didnt think my milk was enough!
    By 3 weeks he was 10lb1oz and by 3 months he was 15lb3oz! he has slowed down and in the last 2 months has only put on a few ounces. He is now 9months old and weighs 21lbs.

    My LO has never been a guzzler and infact never finished a 5oz bottle! the most he has eaten in a day is 25oz which was less that the formula box suggested! I was very worried initially but he is so healthy that i relaxed about the situation. He is now just below the 91st for weight but he is short as only on the 9-25th for length!

    When i look back i am shocked that they werent concerned at his rapid weight gain as he put on 3lbs in 3 weeks which i think is a huge amount especially considering he wasnt eating that much!

    on the positive side, it adds to my theory that i have always had a tendancy to gain weight even though i dont eat very much...he must take after me!!!
  • Lol shockedmummy - yes she must take after me, I only have to look at food to pile on a few pounds! lol.

    Thanks ladies, I think I will just ignore their "concern" shown - she's really happy and I'll just see how things go - I am sure as you say it'll start to slow down a bit now maybe and if not, then maybe I just have a big girly image xx
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