Should I go to the doctors? UPDATE - still being sick :(

Hi, sorry not posted in a while as been SOOO busy at work but I am a bit worried about Joseph and I'm hoping you ladies can shed some light. Basically he has had prob.s feeding since he was very little (he's 8 months now). They thought it might be reflux at one point, then diagnosed lactose intolerance and since he's been on the LF milk he's been like a different child. He's been having 3 meals a day for a while and been loving his food - lots of mmm-mm-mmm etc. But for the last few days he's been really grizzly, not wanting to be put down etc. and he has thrown up the entire contents of his stomach 3 times. (sorry if tmi) It wasn't just like milky baby sick it was proper acid-smelling, violent vomiting iykwim. In between he has kept some meals down though. Would you take him to the doctors? I hate being made to feel like a neurotic first-time mother there but I don't know if it's just a bug or something like reflux starting up again. Please help! M x

Well I rang NHS direct this morning(Thank you for the suggestion lambchop image) and the nurse was very reassuring that it was just a bug and would pass on its own. He kept all food and bottles down for most of the day and was much more smiley again. But then as I was feeding him his tea, he threw it all back up again so we're back to square one. I just don't understand - surely if it was a bug, he would be throwing up every time, not off and on? He seems to keep baby rice/ready brek etc down ok and smoother purees but it's the lumpy things/finger foods which are making him throw up.
I have all kinds of stupid questions going round in my head - is he not ready for lumps yet? (but surely he must be - 8 months - and was ok for couple of weeks previously) Is it because he's not chewing it properly? How can I make sure he does? Is he not chewing it properly because he's got his first tooth coming through? Is it a refluxy thing? (sick and the nappies smell so acidy) I am really worried that if I go back to all smooth stuff he will have delayed speech etc. but obviously I don't want him to keep throwing up all the time! Has anyone else been through a stage like this with their lo? Was it just a bug or weaning related or something else? Please help - I am really worried about him. Thank you for reading.
M x

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  • Does he have a temperature or anything ?

    My lo got a tummy bug a few weeks back when she was about 7 months old and although she still ate her food she was throwing it up constantly and became quite clingy. I didnt go to the doctors as I knew there was a bug going round her nursery and aside from the vomiting and clingyness she was still quite alert. Maybe you could ring NHS direct if youre unsure?
  • thanks lambchop, no he doesn't have a temp. The thing is I don't know where he could have got a bug from as we have been basically stuck in for a couple of weeks due to snow and he hasn't been to nursery for a month!
  • Well you could ring NHS direct just to check, it cant hurt after all.
  • Hi hun

    Is he throwing the lumps up whole - is he chewing them at all or just swallowing?

    Did you ever get any medication for reflux?

    C x
  • He seems to move things around in his mouth as if chewing as he is going mm-mm-mm and when he threw pasta back up he had obviously chewed that as it was smooth (sorry to be so graphic!) But some things it seems like he isn't chewing very well e.g. grapes, bread, they seem to come back up as big lumps even though he is taking his time and making the chewing noises so I don't really know. They gave me gaviscon for the reflux but never used it as it didn't fit in with his feeding pattern at all. Once he was on the lf milk he didn't seem to have the problem anymore so at the time I presumed it was the intolerance that was the issue, not reflux. Thanks for the reply x
  • Hmmm, tricky isn't it?

    Daisy has reflux and when she's sick, it often comes back whole you see... That's why I was asking...

    I think you need to get an appointment with the doctors - especially because it's only certain meals - again, this is very similar to Daisy (apart from the odd day when EVERYTHING comes back!)

    Sorry I'm not being much help really - other than to say it's similar to what we experience!

    C xx
  • Thank you MrsB, I was really hoping you wouldn't say that (no offence!) as I know what a tricky time you have with Daisy, but it's very helpful to know. I think I will take him to the doctors if he is no better by the end of the week.
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