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oh might be going away

was just talking to oh and his work might be sending him to work in germany training for a few weeks, he works for engineering company and its to get trained on a machine he runs, all because they wont stop m/c for half days incase they lose production, im thinking it might be the best thing for us but i will miss him, hope everyone is keeping well and babies of course.


  • It's good that he gets the training, but you'll miss him like mad. My oh has just been on a golf weekend with his mates, and I missed and it was only for 3 days (wouldn't tell him that though, don't want him getting big headed!) How are you and you lo?
  • i havent told him ill miss him either, we're doing fine thanks, what about you, havent been able to get on very much and was away for a week so theres a lot of reading to do lol.
  • I know it's a nightmare trying to catch up with the news if you've not been on for a little while. We're fine thanks, my lo started nursery on Monday, so I was a wreck then, but better now and I'm back to work next Tuesday (booooo), think I'll have to have another one soon, getting so broody at the moment!
  • youll miss him im sure, im due back to work in 9 weeks and really not looking forward to it, have to look for different job, so dont know what i want to do, you goning back full or part time.
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