fao Emilyb

i still appear to be sat on the sofa and not in bed - opps!



  • Oops indeed, Mrs!

    I've been perusing your wedding photo album on FB - hubby kept saying from the kitchen, "Why do you keep going 'Ahhhhhhhhh!' every 5 seconds?" :lol:
  • ohhh i might have to log on again and have another look - it was the most incredible day x
  • i was going to have a look at wedding phtos but got sidetracked on tobys 20 week albulm scrumilishus x
  • I was looking at 'Flumps nursery' as well! Can you believe we had a Flump and a Splodge?
  • i know its crazy - i am planning his next room design now - his first silent night bed is bought and in storage - rocket themed for my little firework.

    Even the parts of the pg were pure hell - it was a special time - i loved feeling him moving and look forward to this again (wink wink)

    Anyway my dear cyber friend - i f i dont get to bed now there will be no anniversary baby tomorrow as i will be too tired :lol::lol::lol:
  • :lol:

    Have a fab anniversary, hun! Love you! x x x
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