calling all nurses...

what do you have in your porfolio?

i just have certificates in mine image


  • Mine is rubbish. I'm in the process of applyin for jobs so will be interested in the suggestions on here.
    I have certificates and a few reflections. Also some audits that I had to do.

    Thats about it. Pretty poor really!
  • Mines mostly certificates I'm sure there's a load of other rubbish in it, can't think what though, will let you know if I can find it. Think there's some reflections I really can't remember what else sorry
  • Certificates, audits, reflections, any personal thank you cards from patients, thats it...pretty dull. TBH the last three interviews I've had they've asked me specific questions while another member of the panel flicks through it, then we just had a discussion about an audit I'd done that was relevant. Its pretty skinny compared to some others I've seen but I've got the job each time so I'm convinced its quality not quantity! image

  • reflections arrghhh i hate writing those!
  • G/C but joining u soon in baby hopefully!!
    This made me smile!! I have umm not much at all!!! Certificates and a booklet that i am ment to have started filling out!! lol
  • I think mine looks exactly as it did when I left Uni! :lol:

    I've done loads of study days etc. but I just put the certificates in a drawer. If I get the random finger of fate pointed at me from the NMC, I'll jazz it up then. Mine has a diary of work placements, reflections, significant events (these are quite funny - one is about a dog that ran on the ward through a fire door when I was in my 2nd year) :lol: My learning journey, study days etc.

    TBH whenever I've taken it to job interviews, they haven't even looked at it, or they've looked at the first couple of pages and said. Looks good! image Good luck xxxx
  • I had to update mine recently as i went for another job and I spent ages writing up reflection pieces, all with neat dividers etc etc literally spent like two full days on it. And they flicked through and didn't read any of it. I reckon you could put the title reflection and then write the words to your fav song and they wouldn't realise it !!! lol.
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