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Baby is so hard to wind, any advice?

My 2 week old daughter is nearly impossible to wind and she seems to be in so much discomfort it really upsets me. I'm trying infacol at mo but it's not working. Mw said something about dentinox but I've never heard of it-is it just the same as infacol?

Any tips on getting her wind up would be greatly appreciated, though I seem to have to tried everything short of swinging her round by the ankles!



  • i know alot of people wont aggree but i found gripe water very good with my lo as he suffered badly with wind i dont use it much anymore coz he doesnt suffer with it now. but it was agod send and ive put it on his dummy to soothe him when he got in a state, i did use infacol but not sure it did much good xxx ps your not supposed to use gripe til 1 month tho xxx
  • hi hun, my lo is a nightmare to wind most of the time wih makes for a grumpy evening, i found that holding her against my chest just snug enough and walking with a bit of spring in my step if u no wat i mean brings out the odd man burp, might be orth a try, i had no luck with infacol either but its supposed to take a fw days to work. xxx
  • Ok i can help... my lo is now 23 weeks but i had an awful time, fin didn't burp for about 4 weeks... he was in such pain and i was getting sooo upset. we tried everything gripe water, infacol, offering cooled boiled water to make him gulp to hopefully bring burp up, tried every position went on internet for other techniques, changed bottles to Dr Brown ones... you name it we did it in the end the dentinox out in the milk was our saviour.... you can get it from boots, supermarkets, chemists etc... think about ??2.99. you can give in mouth before, middle or after bottle which we did for while then found you could put in bottle and then did this every bottle until week 18!
    Wind problems are also related to colic by the way although theres nothing you can do apart from colic/wind drops (dentinox) it should sort itself out as they get older!
    Fin did carry on being in pain when feeding and after also about hour after i investigated and it turned out he also had silent acid reflux which he was infant gaviscon for in his milk! the symtoms of this are very similar to colic/wind but then noticed clear acid liquid dribbling out of mouth!
    So go get some dentinox tomoz, if you can afford it the dr brown bottles are fab - boots, mothercare sell them!
    oh and hv did say dummy can help sooth them - we did this in the end!
    oh and when they are in pain with wind they actually suck the bottle more as at the time it coforts them then as soon as you pull away it hurts so you end up over feeding then they feel poorly!
    i'm sure you've tried everyway to bring up wind but over the lap rub, pat then sit up quickly over your shoulder pat rub, or sat on your knee... this only started working more when using dentinox... other thing is after feeding put upright in bouncer etc.. for half hour rather than laying down!
  • wish ide have tried dentinox wen my lo was suffering now! x
  • She's not as bad now but Evie was really hard to wind when she was tiny. I sit her on my lap and kind of circle her round (as if she was hula hooping if that makes sense) 2 or 3 times then pat her back from the bottom to the top. Tends to do the trick. Putting a bit of pressure on the left hand side of her belly helps too. I use infacol and gripe water (which is amazing stuff-the old ones are the best!) and she's a lot better now.
  • Kara was never 2 bad with Colic but when she was I used Infacol and it worked. I was also advised to wrap a warm blanket or towel around her waist and hold her into you as heat really helps it. It was my mum's cousin that told me this as when she was in the hosp 20 years ago having one of her children the mw told one of the other Mothers this as their baby was very bad with wind since they were born. The MW apparently swaddled the baby and put the cot close to the radiator and it helped as the baby was crying non stop. Years ago though everything was different but sometimes the older methods are the best. To be honest after I heard this I wrapped a blanket around Kara or held her tight into me with a blanket at her back and I think it helped with her wind. It eased the pain anyway. Anything is worth and try when they are in pain.
  • We used to sit Brendan on our knee after a bottle and gently lift his ribs up, do it a few times and it usually gets a nice big burp. That was the best way of winding him as putting him on our shoulder when he was small just didn't work.
    We also tried infacol which took a good week or so to kick in.

    Putting him down to sleep in his moses basket with it raised at one end helped him to sleep too when he still had trapped wind.

    It will get better! x
  • Aw thanks for all the advice ladies, will defo try the dentinox if infacol doesn't work. Evie seems to be burping a bit more now so she's a bit easier to settle. Even though she's uncomfy she doesn't scream with it thankfully, don't know how I'd cope if she was wailing all night.

    I'd totally forgotten about gripe water so thanks for that! Used it with my first baby and it did seem to help.

    Lol at the hula-hooping, I try that position as well! Plus every other imaginable one, but it's usally when I stop trying that she lets it out!

  • i used infacolit was crap but dentinox helped with colic but my bab still gets wind bad at times a bath helps and holding her on my chest i did see a thing called magik tee but is exspensive but is on amizon best luck i no how frustrating this is

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