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I have just been reading the I hate weaning post, and thought I would get some advice on finger foods.
My LO is 7 months today and started weaning at 17 weeks. He has never been a fussy eater and will eat anything given to him, however, since I have started lumpy foods he has been a nightmare, Initially he was fine but then he got a cold and when he tried to eat he just gagged and spat his food out because he was really mucousy. Anyway the cold passed but the habit stayed. Sometimes he is okay but other times he will gag and retch if he gets a lump in his food and then be sick, so he just brings the contents of his stomach back up.Im persevering with lumps as I don't want him to become one of those children that has to live on a diet of purees because I gave in to him.

I have also tried him with some finger foods, like rusk, melon, rice cakes, bread and maize snacks but as soon as the food hits the back of the tongue he gags and spits it out or is sick. It also panics me becuase I am so scared he will choke. Not sure If im making the problem worse by being hesitant with the finger food. I know he wants to be independant because he tries to grab everything off me like the spoon, bowl and bottle / cup.

Are any of your LO's like this and will he eventually learn to chew??? I don't want his to keeping gagging and being sick, but at the same time he can't learn to chew if I don't give him the chance!!!!

God, this mummy thing is such a minefield!!



  • my lo is nearly 6 1/2 months and she is the same she seems to gag at everything lumpy then like you said she is then sick. im terrified that she will choke now cos she keeps doing it. she then is so upset by it she just wants milk then (i breasfeed). ive tried to keep giving her so she wont be frightened of it but it just not working at the moment, i keep trying finger foods but she just seems to throw them on the floor or play with it. im hoping maybe in a few weeks she will have learned how to chew it.
    caz x x
  • Hiya I've started giving LO a few finger foods, he's 6 and a half months and sucks on toast, broccoli, peach and organix carrot sticks so far! He does seem to retch when a lump hits the back of his throat but I figured this is the only way he'll learn! I think the longer you put it off, the harder it will be and its a good idea to start introducing small amounts of lumpy and finger foods now.
    What I usually do is give Max a few spoons of puree, then offer toast or whatever and once he's finished with that, few sips of water and more puree, then more finger foods etc and not get too fussed about choking. Yes, he gags and retches but always sorts it out in the end!! I have a huge phobia about choking, but I don't want to pass it on to him, so I just sit with him while he's eating incase anything really serious happens.

    I've heard that if babies aren't introduced to lumpy foods by 8 or 9 months it can impair their speech because they haven't developed their speech muscles by chewing, so its worth trying now. It doesn't have to be ALL finger foods, but just a little bit everyday I think he'll get used to it.
    Good luck! xxxx :\)
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