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Hi everyone,

Hoping someone can help. I am a real doofus when it comes to facebook!!

I had some photos of DD and DS up, under the setting that only friends can see them. SIL phoned OH and said that she had been able to copy the pics. Is there any way to change this?

I have deactivated my account in the meantime, if I can't change this it'll stay that way!

Thanks xx


  • No I don't believe you can change this but you can change it so that only certain people who you trust ca see them
  • was your SIL a friend on FB? IF so then she can see them, and unfortunately take a copy of them.
    if she wasnt a friend on fb then she must have seen them on your OHs page... is he tagged in them?

    you can make it so albums can have custom privacy settings . go into my account and privacy and it will say photo albums there somewhere, then go through them all and select custom and you can add a list of people to block from seeing it.

    Unfortunately i dont know how to stop people copying your pics, but you should/could have a word with her if you didnt want her having them?

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