Fingers crossed......and I wonder if....

My lo's sleep has finally settled down again and feeding less at night! Yeah!!!

Shes 19 weeks (20 on sat), she is bf and I started weaning her at 16 weeks. We established a bedtime routine from 8 weeks. She gets put in her cot to settle herself at 8ish without her dummy.

Monday night - she woke at 9.45pm and 4am but dummy did the trick, finally waking for a feed at about 6.15am!!!! Daddy was on dummy duty that night.

Tuesday - My turn for 'dummy duty', but was disappointed as she woke at 1am and 5am and needed a short feed both times

Wednesday night - Daddy on 'dummy duty'. Poor thing had been and was sick at 9.30ish, Had to change her sheet, sleeping bag and clothes as all were soaking wet, so we thought we were in for a really bad night. She hadn't really wanted her bedtime feed and had also not settled until I had to go back up and give her her dummy abput 10 mins after we had put her to bed. BUT, she woke for a feed at 3am ish and not again till just after 6am!

This is such a great improvement from her waking every hour some nights and needing a minimum of 3 feeds. I do wonder though if she sleeps better with Daddy on her side of the bed and with Daddy giving her her dummy. As otherwise, she can smell me and my milk? And knows if she cries at Mummy she'll get fed??!!

Anyway, fingers crossed fpr tonight


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