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Hey ladies, i have a quick question, Sarah is 10 days old today, and i was wondering when can we start using the bouncing chairs. i have one from Hauck that says from 0 months. So would like o know your experiences with it please


  • The one we have is suitable from birth, but the one we had was faulty and with Jak being early we didn't exchange it before he was born. We got round to it when he was about 2 weeks old, and he went into it then. He loves it!
  • Hi

    ours is a fisher price precious planet one from birth but tyler hates it, and his swing, hopefully he will grow to like it...

    sarah+tyler(37 days)
  • When Matthew was tiny he hated both his bouncer chair and his swing - he's now 7 months, has grown out of the swing (and never really liked it) and has just outgrown the bouncer - although he spent many a happy hour in there.
  • We have the mamma's and papa's swing set and Jack doesn't like it very much but he has a bouncer chair up at his Grans and he seems to love this and he has been using it since he was about 2 weeks old as long as the head support was in it xx
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