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At 9 months how many milk feeds a day were your lo's having? Does it make any difference if it is breastfeeding/bottle?

Would they just be on early morning and last at night milk feed by then or still having daytime ones too?

Thanks for any ideas image :lol:


  • hi! my lo has only been having 2 bottles of 8oz since she was 6 months old, but made up for the other "recommended" intake with cheese, yoghurt etc. - yes they are morning & night ones.

    if your babe is happy to drop feeds then go with them!

    as for Breast feeding, again, let your little one lead you - if they are weaned then you can give them what they want!
  • It's a bit complicated my lo is 6.5 months at the mo but at 9 months I have to go back to work 2 days and he will be at nursery those days. He is still breastfed at the moment and I was hopeing to get him onto formula but I have started to try one feed a day with formula and he is having NONE of it and it is very stressfull for all of us. But then I thought that if by 9 months he would only be milk feeding morning and night then I wouldn't need to worry about it. I know I could in theory express for his other feeds at nursery but expressing has never worked very well for me and it seems like a lot of hard work and I would perserve with the formula first.

    Anyway that's why I was wondering how many milk feeds he might be having by then!
  • ah! in that case i wasnt much help was i!!

    my cousin is still bf - morning and night only, prob from about 6-7 months, but your lo may not want to do it like that!!

    instead of trying the formula as a feed, could you try just offering juice/water in a cup instead?, then give him his food and see if he can manage without the boob feed? maybe get someone else to feed him, and you go and hide, so he doesnt think he needs you? at the moment, he may be happier with the food, and it could get him used to the fact he may not need bf at every feed (does that make sense?!!!)

    would you be able -and be happy to breast just morning and night when you are back at work?
  • Ollie dropped to morning and night feeds by about 9 months ish (cant remember exactly) and we made the rest up by adding more yoghurts, cheeses and dairy stuff to his diet... (every puree had a bit of milk in it! :lol: )

    It was reasonably easy to do as well, just dont offer the feed... and as you'll be at work you wont be there for him to feed ffrom (although the new laws state that employers must provide you with the room/time/freedom to return home to feed you lo if you decide you want to )

    try cutting out a feed gradually - could you maybe still do an afternoon one before tea when you get home or would you prefer to go to just a morning and night feed? that way there is time between each feed you stop for your body to get used to it.

  • Thanks people! It all helps!

    I have only been weaning for 4 weeks so at the moment I am still a little obsessed about trying to get enough milk into lo. So at the mo met I am offering boobie feeds rather than waiting for him to demand.

    Did you guys just offer boobie on demand once you were weaning or what???

    Thanks for all help!
  • Kara is 9 months and I only give her a bottle in the morning and at night and the rest of the milk is made up during the day with her cereal and yoghurts etc.
  • apart from the morning and bedtime one yep, he had to demand really -he usually demanded the same time every day tho, and if he didnt i would offer it...

  • Hello
    Freya is now 8 months and has 3 bottles a day. 1 with breakfast and 7am 8onz, one at 3pm 6-8onz and one at bed time 7pm again 8onz. She has lunch at 12 and dinner at 5. She doesn't always have the mid afternoon feed it just depends on how active she has been during the day. And 12-5 is a long time for a little one to go between feeds. I only give the mid day to her if she asks.
    Kerry and Freya
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