was is tears this morning

hi girls
i was in tears this morning me and oh had an argument.
1st he won't let me take wade back to england with me for my mum's funeral for a few days..
2nd he had the bloody cheek to turn round and say are we going to see my parents today and
said i wasn't in mood to be around anyone just yet ,let known some1 else's mother. so he said well i take him then i said no as i haven't been without wade for more than 2hrs. and he is the only one i want to be with as takes my mind of things at mo. so he said my mum hasn't seen him for a wk. i just flipped my mum only see him once and now she has gone and he worrys that his bloody mother not seen him for 1wk. my dad has only seen him once and he won't let me take back with me.
what makes me angry is he can go without seeing wade for a couple of days cause he done it a number
of times when he wants to go and stay with his family . i can't leave wade behind with his mother. thats why he won't let him go cause he wants his mother to look after him.
i let him go to see his mum with wade today but i've been in tears all day thinking about my mum and how she only see him once and his mother moans if she don't see him for a wk.
i'm so upset he doesn't understand how i feel right now..


  • sorry to hear about your mum. i feel you should go to her funeral. you need to say your goodbye. and i feel you should take your lo with you.

    as for your husband :

    turn the situation around and ask him what he would want to do if it had happened to his mum? bet he would go and take lo.

    tallkatie2 is right you need to stand up to him and tell him how you feel.

    hope your feeling better soon
  • O hon, I can understand how you feel.
    My mum died when I was little, so she will never meet either of my LO's.
    My dad gets to see Ollie once every six weeks or so, and as horrible as it sounds I dont want the mil seeing him any more than my dad does as i just dont think its fair. However MIL whinges if she cant see him every week.....

    You need to talk to your OH and tell him that your lo will be with you to see your side of his family otherwise its not fair on your lo, and you need him to stand by you on your choices.
    sod the MIL and what she thinks, its your baby and you decide what he does.

    sending big hugs.
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