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Reflux/Colic and routines


Just wondering if anyone else has a reflux and colicky baby and how you get them into a better sleep routine.

At the moment my lo, Ella is 12weeks old and has quite bad reflux. She is also really colicky and it doesn't seem to be shifting yet!!!

Over the past week her reflux got worse and the docs uped her renitidine dosage. The last 3 nights she has been waking up at 5ish. Before this her routine was going to bed at about 11pm and sleeping through til 8. I just don't know why she has started waking so early and I'm about demented as she is trying to sleep all day. She is colicky all day too which means that the only break I get from her is when she falls asleep. She has also started biting and sucking her hands and trying to suck my fingers constantly.

Can anyone help and try to get my sanity back. I really hope the colic disappears soon as her reflux is hard enough to cope with. We have to keep her upright for 1 hour after a feed as well so she pretty much falls asleep in our arms and then we transfer her to bed. Does teething wake her up?

Any input appreciated - from any mums not just with reflux/ colicky babies


  • my lo had colic/wind and silent acid reflux... it was horrendous! you did well getting lo to sleep 11 till 8! my lo is 25 weeks only just managing that amount of night sllep now... goes 8pm wakes 5am!
    one thing that cause sleep problems as fin got older (around the 3 month mark was he became aware we were holding him to sleep then carefully placing him in cot... then when he did wake in night didn't know where he was and did know how to get back to sleep without being held... this is someting you can olny really tackle when colic is gone... reflux will prob be there until on solids... my lo has gavison!

    fin started shiving anything on his gums drooling... at 3 months was convinced he was gonna get a tooth now nearly 6 months still hasn't! but yes it there gums can bother them... dentinox teething gel is soothing!
    things dop get better but i didn't believe anyone when i was told that...
    have you any type of bedtime routine??? im convinced this helped settle fin... swing... bath... bottle... hekd upright (used to be till asleep then gradually as soon as he looked sleepy put him down, had crying but settled eventually with dummy and bum rub) also i have to adit the only way he would sleep and not be in pain is on tummy from 6 weeks we did this... have a sensor monitor though... it does help but i its a mothers own choice! youd do anything in the end to help then settle and not be in pain! also end of cot must be evelvated... can put few drops of lavander on rag in room... supposed to help!
    also when i moved fin to hungry baby he improved... oh and dentinox colic drops were only thing that worked for fin tried everything... put it in bottle easy! also changed to dr brown bottles... they are a god send!

    theres prob more but tired cant think- ill get back to you if i think of anything else

  • Ella has always stirred around the 4/5 am mark but always managed to fall asleep again. We put her on her side to sleep and she manages to roll onto her back, but she won't go down on her back!!!

    We have a routine, bath, sleepsuit, bottle, wind, bed. She has always been a great sleeper at night and usually catnaps during the day.

    She has also been leaving about 2-3 oz of her milk at most feeds too but thought that with her reflux playing up. Maybe I should introduce a night feed again??

    When did your lo's colic go?

  • Hi,

    Well Ella slept better last night. She went down from 11 til 8 and I had to wake her up. She did stir at 4 again but I just put her back on her side as she had managed to get onto her back.

    She screamed the house down this morning though and I just couldn't get any wind out of her. Not sure why this is getting worse!!!! The hv said that she should be able to bring the wind up herself and the colic should be showing signs of improvement. We have tried everything from infacol to gripe water. She is on Dr Brown bottles anyway and we spend so much time trying to burp her and she still holds onto the wind.

    Just don't know what to do anymore!!!! We keep her upright after feeds too. Just can't see past this. Just hope that she gets over this soon as not sure how much more my arms can take!!!

  • My lo has reflux and from being born till about 7 weeks slept mainly on my chest in bed. It was the only place comfortable for her (found out later when I self-diagnosed her with reflux that they prefer to sleep on their tums) so I was happy for the sleep!
    Now she's 24week and has been rolling onto her tum for the last 5 weeks in her cot.
    She's been on gaviscon since 7 week old and has tried domperidone and ranitidine to no effect so is just on the gav and Enfamil AR (gave up bf as was worse with my milk). She's on 3 meals a day and is getting better, less sick.
    It does get better and may help when she can sleep on her front and be able to roll back herself.
    Good luck (gotta dash to tesco, sorry!) x
  • Well she seems to be much better this afternoon/ evening. Did thin her milk more that what is usually is and she hasn't been sick so far. She has managed a few burps too. Think that could be the problem so will give it til monday and if still not right then will take her back to docs.

    Its hard work with a colic baby but with the reflux on top of it, its sometimes unbearable but I'm glad that she smiles and laughs at times as it makes it all worth while.
  • Suzanne,

    Sorry to hear that Thomas is still not right. Does he arch his back and fuss with the bottle? If so then it could also be reflux. He doesn't have to be sick to have reflux as it can be silent. My lo does the same.

    Its hard work but if it is reflux then the acid will be burning his osophogus and causing him to wriggle. Look out for gulping as well as this is a sign of acid reflux. Maybe completely wrong and could just be wind. What bottles do you use?
  • Hey,

    Been checking out the hungry baby formulas today and wondering which brand you guys use? Bought the aptimil as heard good things about it.
  • does anyone know a good hungrier baby milk which is soya based as my 3 month old is havin problems with the average milk!

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  • Hi, my baby seems to have the same symptoms as your babies. I mostly breastfeed her and she nearly always brings up some milk. When I give her a bottle sometimes she is fine and other times she throws up loads. She blows off a lot and when she poos it sounds like an explosion. Also she wriggles a lot and seems in pain. I don't have loads of milk and get really upset when i've fed her and she brings it up and then screams to feed again.
    If the baby has thrown up milk should you feed them again straight away? I try to make her wait but sometimes she screams so much. She is only 6 weeks but she has learnt to pull her dummy out her mouth and throw it away.
    What is this gavison that people mention? Is it safe to give to babies? Are there any side affects? I'm fed up of being covered in milk and having to change my clothes a couple of times a day.
  • Hi greek baby,

    Sounds like reflux. You really have to go to the docs to get it properly diagnosed. They will then prescribe gaviscon or whatever helps. Thats how my lo was when she was first diagnosed with reflux. Gaviscon is for heartburn or indesgetion. The only side affect I know of is constipation.

    Let us know how you get on.
  • Hi lolstephen, my lo has silent reflux and I have changed her milk to Aptamil hungry baby, she has been on it for 4 days now and I think it has certainly made a difference. She is fussing less at feeds and is drinking more milk and she has started sleeping better during the day.

    Good luck trying the hungry baby formula, I hope it helps!
  • I went to Dr and to check why she still had a cough and snotty nose after 2 weeks. I also explained her other symtoms and he says it might be an allergy to milk. I breastfeed except one bottle a day I give her in the evening. So he told me not to drink or eat any dairy for 10 days and give her a different milk which is for allergies.
    This is really hard for me as it means no chocolate. But I suppose it will be a good way to lose some weight. I also bought her some baby tea which is meant to calm their stomachs. I gave her some this evening and she did seem to calm down after. Anyway I will wait and see.
  • Hi,

    Surprising that your doc said that as my lo has always had a snotty nose and cough and its all to do with the reflux. Check out You will find some more info on it.

    I was also told to change my diet etc and it didn't make much difference I'm afraid. I would go back to docs again and persevere with the reflux route. Does your lo hate lying on its back? Other signs are gulping and hiccups.

    I also drank camomile tea which helped her. Ended up giving up breast feeding at 8 weeks as the reflux got worse and had to add milk thickner to her feeds. Was pretty sad to give up but just couldn't keep up with expressing especially when she threw it all back up.

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