freaking out - cant control bladder at all after birth?...

hi ladies..
yes its me again.. and i have yet another concern...
wondered if anyone can tell me if this is normal.

after delivering my baby 2 days ago now.. im leaking urine even when getting up etc.... and absolutely cant control going for a wee??

is this normal and will this get better?
im concerned my body is never going to recover again....


  • thanks so much lea-pea....
    im so worried nothing will ever be the same down that end. i cant even bring myslef to go 'number 2' right now so im so uncomfortable with that too...
    really appreciate your response.
  • I agree with keeping up the pelvic floor exercises. Are you breastfeeding? I was told to do them everytime I fed lo - something to do with your blood flowing faster and them working better then.

    It will get better but do mention it to mv/hv/doc incase you need some extra help/excercises if it continues.
  • It is normal. I wet myself a few days after giving birth cos i didnt get to the toilet in time. How embarrassing!!!! Luckily a friend had warned me that could happen. Everything is fine now though just keep doing your pelvic floor excercises.
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