upset tummy and feeding

Hi Ladies,

after some advice please.... Ben (23 weeks) has a really runny tummy, it started yesterday morning when his poo was the weirdest multi colours I've ever seen, then gradually through the day he just kept going, (about 3 times) then about 5 o'clock he started crying and got really upset, thought it was teething as he is dribbling so much and munching his hands... then I heard the sounds... and he had pooed everywhere, and then it just kept coming for the next couple of hours... he slept ok, but this morning its happening again, its very watery!!

jsut wondered if you are meant to give normal feeds, or if I should water them down to make sure he is taking fluids? would you give him any solids at all? sorry for asking all these questions, but he's never had an upset tummy before.

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  • Hi

    Was looking on NHS website as my lo's are sick too, they say there is no evidence to say stopping food watering it down etc helps but you should get some dioralyte from chemist which has salts etc that are lost.

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