is a prawn a prawn????

No crap in this post this time?

I am just doing my tescos on line order and as i am going into unpaid maternity leave i am trying to keep it as low as possible but also want to buy different things for toby to try/

so is a prawn a prawn

what is the difference between a ??2.50 bag of prawns and a ??1.20 value bag of prawns - are they brought up differently???

Same with scampi - how can it be different - do different seas bring different tastes!!!!!!!????????


  • The short answer is probably yes. My guess is the value bag has probably been imported from a farm in the Far East where there are very few regulations about what sort of growth hormones and disinfectants can be used. They will still be fine to eat or they wouldn't be on sale in this country under British food safety laws, but you may not feel comfortable eating prawns farmed in these conditions.

    Hope that helps.
  • ok so cancelled that from the order thanks History Girl x
  • I agree with TheHistoryGirl, cheapy food is either imported, using not much better than slave labour to gather it, and full of chemicals and rubbish to make it taste and look normal!
    If you actually taste the cheap sea food it is RANK compaired to good north atlantic fresh sea food, it smells different, the colour is actually really different if you put the two together etc, oh and the are probably farmed in un-hygenic conditions too ....eeewwwwwwwwww.

    oops sorry went on a bit there, I wouldnt eat cheap sea food, value etc . It might be cheap but its def not good value in terms of flavour, etc
  • Hi,
    I am afraid you get what you pay for with everythign you buy, fish, meat, fruit and veg, they are cheap for a reason!
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