The Secret Milionarie

Is/does anyone else watch this programme? Am sat here in tears, like every week! Makes me realise I really have chuff all to moan and groan about. The stuff people have to go through every day would knock me down and I'd never get up. Loosing your son at 15 years old beacuse of a brain tumor. Being old and lonely and feeling unappreciated.
I am one very luck, lucky lady. Just wish I had the millions to help people like that.
Sorry probably a pointless post it just gets me every time-am sat here crying.


  • hiya, i used to watch it, but found it so depressing i had to stop. the last one i watched was the one in liverpool where the woman who ran a kids club lost her young son to thoughtless street violence, i think he was 7 or something. its awful what some people have to go thru in life, but im such a sap i cant watch things like that cuz it gets me upset and depressed !! if i had the money id help less fortunate people rather than living the high life!
  • I do like programmes that make you think but like you say Emily B it can bring you down too. Had to stop watching them whilst pregnant as I would start crying at the beginning and generally not stop!!Couldn't help thinking about how we'd cope loosing Alf at 15?? Just don't want to/shouldn't really think about stuff like that but live in the moment.
    Gemzy I bet if they came to the town where I lived they'd paint the same picture even though there are still nice bits of Darlington. Telly people who just want to make 'good' TV to entertain I guess and don't think about the long term affects of showing a town in just one light.
    Still very, very grateful for what we have.Know we're really going though it at the minute but I am still a lucky lady. x
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