worried about charlie's weight


  • For god's sake, if he's staying on his centile he is fine. What a stupid health visitor, tell her to sod off. It's perfectly normal for them to put on weight that quickly (wish Barney would) and he sounds like he is doing brilliantly. I thought that it was only a problem if they crossed two full centiles or their weight and height were on very different centiles.
  • hey - isaac is going to be off the chart anyday (he started off on 50th percentile), he is bf and my hv has never said he is putting on too much weight. he is 8.25 kg / 18lb at 17 weeks. He is really long and a higher percentile for his length than weight

    I am so glad he is a big bonny baby becuase at 9 weeks he got a really bad cold and lost loads of weight because he went off his feed. He was back to his 6 week weight of 6 kg at 11 /12 weeks.

    Anyway, i thought a pound every two weeks was about average weight gain? You know your baby - what does your HV want you to do leave him to cry because he is so hungry?

    Try going to your 'my baby was born in ....' and post how much does your baby weigh - bet there are loads as big or bigger than Charlie!!
  • i wouldnt worry babe my little boy was on the 90th centile intill he was about 18 months old and my hv never had a problem with it.
    your charlie is doing the oposite of mine, mine is 16 days old and so far puts weight on at a really slow rate, but he was a big baby so they are not to worried yet x
  • Hiya. I wouldn't worry either, my son was on the 91st centile when he was born 5.5 weeks ago (was 9lb 10oz) and has been on the 98th ever since, had him weighed yest. and he'd put on 1lb in 2 weeks too and is now 12lb 12oz! Been weighed by midwives, hv and nursery nurse and have been told by all that this is fine. I am bf so have no idea how much he is getting but it is obviously a lot, some babies are just hungrier than others I think x
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