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Me again!! :lol:

I have been looking at baby bags and I really want a Radley one. I know it's a complete extravagance but I know how much I will use it. I don't have any justification for spending that much money except that I want one and I think thats reason enough!!

They do traditional ones with the long strap that goes across your body, buggy handles etc or they do one thats a backpack. I like the idea of the backpack one and just chucking it on my back out of the way when I am pushing the buggy etc.

In practicality which do you think would be easier to use?


  • Honestly, I think the traditional one - my friend has one and loves it. I think with a backpack you're more piling stuff on top of each other, so you'd have to take everything out to get to things near the bottom, which wouldn't be as much of a problem with the other one as more stuff would be side by side, if that makes sense.

    It does have buggy straps on it so it just clips onto the buggy rather than you having to hang it over the handle so it's hanging down by your feet.

    oh, and make sure you get one with zips - I've been using the silver cross one that came with my pram, but now LO just empties it out all the time (no zips!), so I've had to get a new one he can't get into as easily.
  • Back pack, depending on whether it will fit under the pushchair too.

    I have a traditional one which is fab for putting over the pushchair but is impossible when carrying Lo as when you bend to pick lo up or even make the slightest movement, the potentially heavy bag slides off your hips and bashes into Lo's face!! Not good...

  • Thats what I was concerned about young mum, I know I wouldn't wear it as it's supposed to be worn across my middle because my boobs would get in the way so when its on one shoulder it would slide off if I move.

    However I hadn't considered what Sunflower said about having to pile stuff on top of each other in the backpack!

    I want the iCandy Cherry and it has a decent size basket so don't think it's a problem having somewhere to put either.

    When I was a nanny the LO didn't have a babybag (he was their 3rd and they had given up on traditional baby stuff by then lol) so I used a backpack but just packed it up when I went to the zoo or into town or something so didn't have a lot of stuff in there. I am not sure how practical it would be if I used it permanently and didn't take everything out at the end of each day.

    Oooh decisions decisions. I guess it depends on how many pockets etc the backpack has and places to put everything. If it has lots of pockets then it might be a little more practical.
  • I never thought I'd wear it like that either but I do when putting Lo in the car and it's a total pain. I do think it is more practical than the back pack in a way.

    I'd buy both - traditional one for pushchair trips when Lo younger and the backpack when Lo older and walking...Also for car trips to swimming/baby group/etc as sometimes you carry baby in rather than use the push chair for such a quick walk from car to leisure centre etc...

    Though the price is probably way too high to justify buying both lol.

    Maybe buy the Radley traditional one (as will prob get used more) and a cheaper back pack?
  • Lol, I think my OH is going to have a heart attack at the one, I don't think I would survive the night if I bought 2 lol!!

    It's a good idea though and I would buy the more traditional radley one and actually I already have a good backpack I could use.

    Thanks for your advice, once again its a great help! You will be sick of the sight of me over here by the time Stewie is born lol!
  • If the backpack one unzips ALL the way round the sides then you wouldn't have to pile things up if you see what I mean you could lie it on the back and then open it right out.

    I have no idea if I have explained that well or not!?| I would defo see them in real life and see how large etc etc they are and how they open before buying. Also worht bearing in mind hte size for more than one child (if you are planning another) as there is no point spending that much for 1 if when a second child comes along you have to buy something else! Love them though!
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