Hiiii! Advice needed for a new mummy <3


  • wow honey congrats ,i missed any earlier updates...what a beautiful name i love it .....hope ure both ok ?

    ok bottles , the sterilizer will keep the bottles sterile in there for 3 hours if u dont take the lid off ,after that they need re-sterilizing ..well i would

    and making them up ,there are lots of different ways but i

    sterilize 6 bottles ,boil fresh kettle ,add water to them and put lids on , leave them till needed , when needed i warm the water to take the chill off and add powder ....bobs ure uncle done

    h/v will reccomend making them up fresh every time but this takes far too much time to me with a screaming baby ,and there is no way in the early days u can predict 15 mins before a feed (well i dont think )

    lisa,jack and sophia grace

  • Congratulations on your little girl!

    Basically the bottles will stay sterile for 3 hours when left in the steriliser with the lids on, but once you take them out of the steriliser and put them together (making sure the lids are on) they last about 24 hours. I've always stuck to this rule anyway and my lo's been fine.

    It's fine to make the bottles in advance, the easiest way imo is to add the water and put them together, and leave out at room temp (this is fine for 24hours), then when she is ready for a feed, add the powder (this is quick at the newborn stage as they only drink about 2/3oz but once lo gets older I find powder dispensers are good - also great for travelling), shake and warm if needed x
  • EEEeee thankyouuu.
    i love been a mummy
  • hi hun (again image ) i put the water in the microwave for about 20 secs or so and shake really well to get rid of hot spots.... then add powder ,shake well again and then done image

  • I warm my bottles in a jug of hot water- if I use a micro I test, test and retest before giving as it can get very hot and really is an accident waiting to happen.
  • I make the bottle up with part colled boiled water and then top up with boiled water. Just a little hot water, add the powder and shake. The oz or 2 of hot water heats it up nicely.
    Agree with everyone else about the steraliser. S x
  • I either warm in a jug of boiling water (very quick just have to wait for the kettle!) or microwave (25-30 secs for a 7oz feed at room temp, probably more like 10secs for a 3oz feed) and shake well xx
  • I do the same as SuzMcH. I make my bottles up with freshly boiled water (about two thirds of the amount of water I will need), leave them to cool and put them in the fridge. When I need them I top up to the required amount with freshly boiled water and add the powder.
    When I go out I take the bottle, powder and some boiling water in a flask.
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