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what age do babies properly laugh??

millie smiles all the time and coos and squels and does this weird cough noise when shes smiling haha not sure what that is!! when do they properly laugh??


  • Tegan was 10 weeks old when i first tickled her under her neck and made some funny noises when she burst out giggling for a good 5 mins, was the sweetest thing ever!! x
  • its around 3/4 months but can be alot earlier or later. Sounds to me like shes begining to! xx xx
  • Louise smiled early at 3 1/2 weeks ang giggled for the first time at 8 weeks. She's 19 weeks tom ang giggles and laughs loads now, so cute! I crued with happiness the first time she giggled! She doesn't ever giggle when I try to make her but when she wants to and it's often at the smallest of things or when her dad does 'row row the boat' with her! Louise was 2 weeks late btw which I feel makes a difference.
  • Gabe was 5 weeks for the first smile and 11 weeks for the laugh. I think thats really early tho xx
  • Amber is 10 weeks today and has been smiling since 4/5 weeks and makes funny squeaky noises when she does her huge smile/giggle is so gorgeous she has been doing it all morning think she knows her daddy is home tonight (he is working away all week for the next 5 weeks booo) I cant wait to hear a huge giggle!! xx
  • yes millie laughs in her sleep!!!! but not properly when shes awake lol
  • I'm confused by people saying when their baby first smiled? Do we count just the smile, or if they have done it as a reaction to somthing or someone?

    If its just the smile, Emily smiled at one day old- is that weird?  I'm confused!  She's 6 weeks now.


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