four going on fourteen

My four year old daughter has learned new vocab and is trying at every opportunity to use it...

Me: Stop pushing your sister!
daughter: It's not my fault... She's not playing this game pro-per-ate-ed -lee, and it is very tec nic nic so don't argue...
Me: I don't mind you playing a game don't shove your sister on the floor!
daughter: It's not my fault, and you need a prove it mummy, or I'm going to have to prove it and I really don't want to have to because it's very tech nic nic....

The even bigger problem is the two year old parrot... so prove it mummy, prove it (I was defending you :roll: )... good grief what will I do when the babe starts to talk


(yes I know this is baby forum but my forum selection no longer offers older children... why... I'd love to know)



  • Have you been watching Outnumbered? (Sat night at about 9pm, absolutely brilliant part-improvised comedy about family life). Hehe, your kids sound like the kids on there (the vocal and articulate part, not the running riot part!)

  • haha so funny! x
  • She's the same child that at two declared "Mummy I am not going out with your blue shoes!" She meant it too, I was a bit mortified, how bad is my sense of fashion when my two year old won't be seen with me.... lol
  • Hedgie your soo funny!
  • hedgie, the older children forum missing from mine too, used to quite enjoy sharing soundbites from the mouth of my 5 yr old! bless your kids, they are soo funny when they talking aren't they?
  • thats kids for you my three year old is always repeating everything her 6 year old brother says and dose. i now have a 3 week old baby and im dreading the day when he starts to copy the other two monsters lol.
  • Oh no! But so funny....
  • lol hedgie my son's 5 and its always ' well mummy i dont believe you love me, cause if you did you wouldnt keep shouting at me, oh man mum you do give me a headache, argh, then its well when we get home i think you should go get caitlin's nappy changed because oh gosh mummy its stinks, dont you change her at all when im at school or do you do nothing all day.

    and his new phrase for the last month has been cor blimey guvnor and then what he wants to say.

    Or the classic is well he's told off, well mummy how long do i have to go to my room for, i say 10 mins and he says well thats not long i dont mind, argh how to get through to them lol
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