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Has anyone done baby signing with their baby?

I'm interested in doing baby signing with my 7 month old DS but I go back to work soon and the classes near me are on a day when I will be at work so i''m looking for a DVD and book.

I have seen the Sing and Sing ones and the Tiny Talk ones but just wondered if any of you ladies have done baby signing, what you thought of it and if anyone knows which one would be best to do at home?

Just looking for some advice and recommendations really.

thank you xxx


  • We go to a local Tiny Talk class on a Saturday, and we love it. I've been going since DS2 was approx 7 months old, and he's now signing more and more. We don't have any of the dvd's but we do occasionally watch Something Special on Cbeebies, which does some of the similar signs to the Tiny Talk classes.

    It's definately worth doing

  • I've been going to TinyTalk since LO was 5 weeks old! They are fab! She is 4.5 months now and obviously doesn't use any signs but has started getting excited when I sign milk. We have a great time there x

    we've been doing sing and sign since my LO was 6 months old (she's now 16 months) and signs (and speaks) most of the time! she started signing milk after only 4 weeks.

    i'm such a big advocate of it that i'm starting a british sign language course, level one in september in the hopes that if i'm ever well enough to work again then i want to teach it!

    the DVD;s from sing and sign and the books you can buy are worth their weight in gold, as is watching 'something special' on Cbeebies.

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