So I'm going to start weaning my LO soon, and I was wondering what the best apples are?
(I'll be making all her pur????es myself)

Green or red?


  • Hi hun,

    I just buy tinned apples! It is so much easier than peeling and coring loads of fresh apples! As long as they are in their own (or other fruit) juice then they are fine. I just puree them straight from the tin and they make a great apple puree.

    I also use tinned peaches as it is so much easier than trying to peel a ripe one!

    If you are making your own apple puree i would think that red apples would be best as they are sweeter. Green ones can be a bit tart for a baby's first tastes image

  • As Ladybird says, red apples tend to be a bit sweeter but at this time of year I would buy British if you can, no matter the colour. We got early russets in our veg box this week which are yellow brown and they taste amazing. They are also quite soft so don't need as much cooking (Peter had one baked for pudding last night).

    Supermarkets don't do that many interesting varieties, but most should stock at least one British variety. Just don't get Granny Smiths which will be very tart!
  • Thanks ladies. image
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