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Did you see this on LK Today? Basically there is an American documentary which shows how for some women labour can be a sexual/orgasmic experience. It showed a couple snogging whilst she was contracting (made me feel sick!). WHat do you think? Whilst I think that for some labour could be an amazing experience there should be something in your mind that stops it being sexual....eugh pervs!!


  • that just sounds wrong! its bordering on sado-masichism! they're linking pain with sexualness and that's just bizarre lol xxx
  • If my hubby had tried to snog me during labour he'd have got a smack in the mouth!! lol
    too werid for me..........
  • I watched the debate about this yesterday on 'The wright Stuff' on channel 5. I can see why some people do have orgasims as pain and arausal release the same endorphines/hormones (I thinks its endorphines). I think it just depends how your body reacts to it. Its like some people enjoy the sensation of getting a tattoo and others don't. The people that rang in and said they had an orgasum during labour did it all with only gas and air (no other drugs to deaden sensation) and they all orgasiumed at the point of pushing and they didn't know they were having one until they were having one, if you get what I mean. None of them had a build up like in sex. I did think this was weired to start with as I found my labour so painful that was all I could think about. But then thinking about it I could see the possibilities and what a bonus. A lovely baby and an orgasium to brag about. And if it takes the pain away for just 60 seconds with no drugs....shourly that has to be a bonus aswell??

    Or am I just weired??

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump
    X X X

    P.s I won't be trying for an orgasium in my next labour :lol: Although i'm sure oh would find this very amusing. If i'm in pain then give me all the drugs going!!

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  • Hi,
    I read in a couple of books before lo was born that full on snogging opens things 'down there' and helps labour and can prevent tearing. What a lovely idea but seriously??
    Oh was lucky I didn't scare him permently during our labour so the idea of 'getting it on' makes me laugh out loud-as if!!! Lucky ladies if it floated their boat but not for me! x
  • sick and wrong :roll: must be a man that thought this up! x
  • I think its compleltley ridiculous! How the hell is getting a small human being out of your body an orgasmic experience???! I just think its awful that this is now yet another thing we are expected to do in labour.
  • I had no drugs during my last labour and I can promise you it was not an orgasmic experience lol!
    I find it really hard to believe anyone who says they had an orgasm as an 8lb baby was coming out of their lady bits!! =p x
  • i thought she was off her rocker! i think they probably had too many drugs or the wrong kind of drugs to think this up :lol: i would be interested in watching the docomentry but i dont think its been shown on telly

  • I posted about this last week, didn't like the idea of it then - still don't now! :lol:

    I thought the woman on gmtv this morning was SO rude to Dr Hils - very defensive and as if all women that don't orgasm have something wrong with them!

    Personally i find anything sexual when you're trying to give birth to a baby a bit wrong, just the two associations to me feel a bit weird - i know it's not to some people, but personally i don't like the idea x

    ps. fall3nAng3l you can watch the documentary in bits and pieces on You Tube i think x
  • i only saw the subtitles this morning (at my Grandma's who is as deaf as a post so doesnt bother with sound!)

    i have heard it before about women having an orgasm at the time of delivering the baby, but in over 13yrs, i have yet to see it!!!!
  • ok,thanks jamdonut
  • I think it's gross and would be horrified if it happened and think I was some sicko. How could you admit it to anyone? Yuck, it's your baby rubbing your bits for goodness sake. xxx
  • I watched this and think It is totally ridiculous.

    I gave birth with gas and air and it bloody hurt. Why on earth anyone would want to have an orgasm whilst they are giving birth is beyond me and as for snogging, I would have been more likely to slap my oh round the face than snog him!!! xx
  • This was posted on the pregnancy forum not that long ago. I would never snog my OH in labour. Labour is for delivering a baby, and preparing to meet your budle of joy....not getting fruity with your OH :lol:

    Definatley not my thing! (Orgasms during labour that is)


  • I didn't watch the GMTV documantary on it, I watched The Wright stuff chat about it yesterday. I got the impression that the women who had the orgasiums didn't 'want' or 'aim' to have one it just sort of happend.

    I sit on the fence with this as I can't imagine it happening or even feel comfortable at the thought of it but I can understand the science behind it. After all it is a very thin line between pain and pleasure.

    X X X
  • Wasn't there a documentary to be shown on this? Have I missed it? xox
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