6 week check and contraception question

Sorry I feel really thick asking this question cos this is my second baby. I know what happens at 6 week check but last time I didn't want any help from the gp regarding contraception. This time I want to discuss having a coil fitted. Will they want to fit it at the 6 week check appointment?


  • hi there, i've just had a coil fitted a while ago. I doubt they will fit it there and then. When I went to gp to talk about contraception he said that only one doctor in the practice fitted them so i'd need to see her first. so made another appt to see her, she talked me through it and gave me some leaflets, she then had to do internal and take some swabs to make sure there was no infection. then once those results ahd come back and were clear I could then make an appt with gp and nurse to have it fitted.
    I was also advised to rest for rest of day after it had been fitted as I did get quite a bit of pain and bled for a few days after too.

    Its been fited just over 6 weeks now. I spotted for first 7 days, my first period was also heavier and quite painful but apart from that its been fine. I had a check up yesterday and its still in place and fine.

    hope that helps
  • Thank you - I don't know much about the coil so I'm hoping she will talk me through the options etc. Thanks!
  • I've just had a Mirena coil fitted and needed an appointment with the relevant doctor, then a 40 min fitting appointment. So certainly tell them at your 6 week check that you want a coil, and they can talk you through your options.

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