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Has anyone used milk for toddlers? I'm thinking of trying lo on C&G growing up milk purely because she can be fussy with milk & food and I worry she might not get enough vitamins. I will put her on full fat cows milk very soon just wanted to give her a little "boost" before changing onto this. She is 1 next month so would change her onto it sometime after Xmas.
Or am I just being paranoid & wasting my money?!


  • I'd say wasting your money to be honest!

    Giving her full fat cow's milk and add vitamins into her diet if you're worried will do exactly the same as giving this expensive formula! You can get vitamin drops that you mix with her milk or food.

    I'm going to be doing this with my 6 month old as I will be using cows milk to mix with his food once I've used up the formula I bought!xx
  • I'd say a waste of money as well. Yes, toddler milks have added vitamins and formula in general is full of vitamins but not all of these are absorbed by LOs body as they would be with breast milk. I'd just put her on full fat milk. And honestly honey - STOP worrying!! Charlotte is very healthy and she doesn't look skinny or starving to me image Hope I'm not being cheeky but I know you worry about her a lot which is normal. But im sure she's fine and will take what she needs. xx
  • Thanks for your replies.
    Tiger Lily - I do worry too much about her food intake, always have done. She's just refused all her lunch for some reason. I do have pnd and on Citalopram at the moment mainly down to my anxiety. She's being a bit of a monster at the moment as well so not helping either.
  • She has always gained weight well though right?
    Gabe refused dinner as well (2nd tooth is on the way and he too has been a pain today) but accepted a yogurt. I always think he won't starve himself and neither will Charlotte!
  • Well Charlotte had had 5 teeth come thru in about a month so it must be that. I've just given her a C&G biccie and she's chomping on that. maybe it feels nice against her sore gums?!

    And she's always gained weight along the 9th centile (well either just above or just below). Length is above the 50th!

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  • I havent tried those baby biscuits with Gabe. Are they less sugar than normal biscuits or can u give them normal biccies like rich tea fingers or something??

    That's fab that she's followed the same centile. Gabe is off the chart for height I think, he's huge! He was 91st for weight but has dropped to 75th. So Charlotte is doing great I think. Hey maybe she will be the next Kate Moss when she grows up! xx

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  • I'm sure Rich Tea would be ok but as they can flake a bit maybe there might be a risk of choking? I like the C&G biccies cos they are quite thick and hard so are good also if lo teething (as ours are)! They come in a box and are packed in 2's so I sometimes have the other 1 with a cup of coffee - lol!
    I assume they would have less sugar in than normal biccies. Hipp do some good biccies too, although they are smaller.
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