not coping with the night times - any advice?

The last few nights have been soooo hard, im very very tired and just wondered if there is something im missing? Charlie takes his bottle well but it takes ages to settle him after, sometimes he wants more so i give him an extra oz but he takes soooo long to bring up any wind and just doesn't settle to sleep.

last night he had a feed at 9.45 of 4oz and settled quite well, he then woke at 1 for another feed, he drank about 3oz and was asleep for just gone 2am he then woke again at 4, had a full 4oz but was still up at gone 6am, he wasn't bringing up wind easily and was very grizzly, everytime we tried to put him down he'd start crying and we just didn't know what he wanted. During the day he settles fairly quickly but at night it's just not happening and we are running out of ideas?


  • Infacol helps bring up wind if that is the problem its for colic and gripping pain but also wind it works very well, how old is charlie?
    Jo x
  • Hi hun - not much advice really but personally if he is just not getting wind up I wouldn't bother! I would try winding my lo for 10 mins and if he hadn't bought it up I would just put him down cos sometimes winding them can take up sooo much time when it's not always necessary, and also wake them up too much to go back to sleep. Maybe Charlie has colic & thats why he isn't settling (it is apparently worse at night - my lo never really had it though). Infacol and colief are supposed to be good x
  • hi max is 8 weeks and goes like clock work dont matter what time he has his last bottle be it 8 , 9 or 10 he wakes up at 2 and 5 and at 5 he dont go back to sleep, thats him up, soo frustrating dont know why he wont sleep?? gd luck xx
  • heya, i don't know if i'll be of any help, but luca used to wake up and drink milk for comfort. i decided to try only feeding him at certain times (he goes to bed at 7 30 so he feeds at 12 and four usually) and inbetween giving him his dummy and stuffed toy. It took a few days but eventually he got into the routine of being fed at these times so takes more when he knows hes going to be fed.

    The stuffed toy is also a good idea as he sometimes wants that rather then the dummy.
  • Is he crying and drawing his legs up? If he is it could be colic. Frankie was great during the day but always awful in the evening and would not bring wind up at all. She would just scream and scream. We tried infacol but she would gag on it and start coughing so we got some colief. It is amazing!!!! She was a different baby after a few feeds with it in.

    If he isnt distressed in anyway i would try what hks123 suggested and give him a dummy.
  • Im not sure what could be wrong babe, my little charlie seems to be in a really good routine.
    He gets goes up stairs at 6pm and has a feed he is finished it and is asleep by 6.30pm
    He wakes at 10.30pm for a feed and is asleep again by 11pm
    wakes at 3am for a feed and is asleep by 3.30am
    then wakes at 7.00am for a feed after this feed he tends to stay awake intill 10am and has another feed then goes to sleep at 10.30am
    has another feed at 2pm and sleeps till 4pm.
    has a bath at 5pm

    and then it starts all over again.
    we have been really lucky and have manadged to get him settled quickly he is only 17 days old and has been in this routine since he was 7 days old. he is my third so iv had plenty of practice lol x
  • dont worry! i remember cryin in the first 2 weeks just cos i was soooo tired but by 4 weeks she got better at sleeping ( they dont know diff between night and day at first!) then 6 weeks she started just waking once for a feed and has done since she is 11 weeks now goes down at 8 and wakes between 4-6 then goes back down til 8 or 9 so it will get better!! xxx
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