Finger foods

Just wanted to share my excitement, Gabe had his first proper finger foods today, he shared my toast with me image He only had a finger of toast but he ate half / a third of it (which I was quite impressed with especially as he doesn't have teeth) and prob would have had more but he squished it up and dropped it on the floor, lol.


  • Go Gabe!
    Charlotte was like that when she first had toast, now she loves it as part of her brekkie. She eats half a slice cut into fingers, and sometimes the whole finger goes in her mouth!!!
    I would try him with a little sarnie with the bread quished together so it's flatter. Dairylea is good to put in it - though it can get very messy - lol!
  • I can imagine it would! Lol...I might try that next. Or a bit of banana as he likes that.
    It's so cute watching them eat 'proper' food and not mush, lol.
  • Last time I gave Charlotte banana she squished it together and rubbed it in her hair. And as she has lots of her it was very messy.
    I gave her some mince pie last week too - and she gagged and threw up. Wont be trying that again.
  • Weaning's so much fun isn't it :roll: i had broccoli spat on me the other day! Hmm, thats a good point about banana though, it could get quite mushy. I might get some of those organix things and try them
  • Yeah the Organix finger food range is very good xx
    If you give him the rice cakes be careful as bits can break off and make them choke.
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