Bottle and teat help!! (also in pregnancy)

I'm just about to place an order on mothercare as they've got a big sale on and I wanted to buy some bottles and teats but I'm a bit stuck! I'm planning on hopfully breastfeeding the baby exclusively for around three months and then I want to start expressing so that I can combine breast and bottle feeding. I don't want to start expressing before three months in case the baby stops taking the breast once it's had bottles. So, I was wondering should I buy both 125 ml and 260 ml bottles? And how do I know what size teats to get? Are the newborn ones used just literally for the first few weeks and at three months will I want size 1 or 2 or does it just depend?? I know that if need be then we will be able to buy teats and bottles at the time but I just thought I might as well try and be prepared as they're on offer at the moment and I'm ordering other things from mothercare.
Any help would be great!!!! xx


  • While I was pregnant I bought a medela swing breast pump, which came with 2 150ml bottles and slow teats. I also bought a 4 pack of TT CTN 240ml bottles and again these came with number 1 teats, for newborns.

    I hoped to BF and bought these as back-up, BF'ing didn't work out and I had to express from day 5, so I've had plenty of use out of the bottles and went on to buy 250ml medela ones for storage.

    It's hard to say what teat your LO will use at 3 months, as it really depends on your let down and how efficient your LO is at feeding. My LO had moved up but then he was on bottles from 7 days.

    If you are only going to use bottles from 3 months, then I wouldn't bother with 125ml ones at all, I'd go for the larger ones straight away as your LO is likely to be on around 150ml per feed.

    HTH xx
  • I chose not to breastfeed, and went with the tommee tippee bottles. I bought 6 125ml bottles, as they go up to 5oz. All of them come with newborn teats. Then when DS started wanting more milk i bought 6 260ml.
    Although it says the number 2 teats are for 3 months plus i bought them and changed when DS was 9 weeks, purely because he would fall asleep on the bottle, or the teat itself would go in because he was sucking to hard trying to get the milk out.

    If you stick to breastfeeding, then at 3 months i would say you would need the 260ml bottles and to buy the number 2 teats (all bottles have number 1 teats you have to buy the bigger sized teats) but that is just from my personal experience, going by what DS was taking.

    HTH xxx

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