Liverpool baby show

is anyone going? it is on atthe Echo arena in April



  • there is a baby show in liverpool! have you got the details please?
  • hi
    yes i was shocked too.

    its at the Echo arena 25-26 April ??8 ticket

  • ooo really? what goes on? never really looked much into a baby show! x
  • ooh, may have to get a ticket, baby should be a month old by then if she/he comes on time.

    are you from liverpool?
  • i can't find anything on the website, where did u hear about it? beccie do u wanna go together? we could get a few people together! x
  • yes i am are you? i live in middlesbrough now but here a lot of the time.

    baby show is a lot of stalls selling and showing baby gadgets, a bit like the motor show for mums!! haha

  • we're on the Wirral kell2 so pretty easy to get to! x
  • ooh, what part are you from? i lived in crosby all my life untill i moved over to the wirral last year to live with my fiance.

    yeah jen, we should get a few of us together image) saves dragging the mens with us, (unless they want to come too)

  • im from Maghull, was in town yesterday looking round the arena and the posters are up for whats on.

  • cool. are you on facebook?
  • ah maybe the tickets are just not available yet, they're not showing anything being on in April at all yet lol! i'm gutted i've just seen the Kaiser Chiefs are on there on March 3rd and i luuuuurveeee them!! x
  • no im not, not that hip!! lol

  • lol, i could live without facebook now. i'm such an adict to it.
  • you preggers then? hows it going?

  • yeah, im 34 weeks with my first. due on 25th march! was going really well until i got hit with SPD and the last few weeks have been hell for me (i have ME which has gotten worse) but it will be all worth it in the end.
    i was told i would never concieve naturally and was due to start fertlity treatment in the september but got pregnant in the june after only 3 months of trying since getting the coil out. someone was definatly looking out for me.

    how many do you have?

  • i have just the one, Grace, she is 8 months now. she is fab. best thing in the world.

    not long for you now then

  • aww, cool. yeah only 41 days to go, just hope i dont go over due.
  • well if in in liverpool for the show it would be cool to meet some other mummys

  • yeah definatly. or if your going to be done sooner maybe we could arrange something for then?

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