Slow weight gain?

Hi Girls
Connor is breastfed and was born at 6lb 14oz and between the 9th and 25th centiles he then went straight up 8lb 4oz at 10 days old then has steadily followed the 50th centile.
He was weighed at 20 weeks and was 15lb 11oz and had only put on 1lb 1oz and waas sat between the 25th and 50th centiles.
He got weighed again today at 25 weeks and is 16lb 4oz and now between 9th and 50th centiles.
Hes happy in himself so im assuming its nothing to worry about but i was wondering are any of your babies the same?


  • i wouldnt worry to much babys weight slow ad speed up all the time.
    my youngest is now 17 weeks and weighs 15lb 12oz he was 14lb 10oz 4 weeks ago, probably would have been higher this week but he had sickness and the runs for two weeks.
    my oldest had reflux and was lactose intolerant and spend all day and night for almost 8 month throwing up intill the believed me there was a problem and sorted it, but he still gained weight like there was no tomorrow and no one could explain why
  • I wouldn't worry either. Gabe is a slow gainer too (he wasnt in the beginning though!) He was born on the 91st centile line and followed that for ages but then dropped to the 50th and even lost a bit of weight. He is following the 50th now so I am happy with long as they are alert and happy I wouldn't worry.
  • Thanks girls i suppose i was secretly worried that my milk wasnt good enough for him, silly i know.
    HV advised giving him a 3rd meal so wel do that today
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