Ikea cots - changes in size?

Hi ladies,

My MIL neighbour has kindly given us their cot for our first born. It's just the basic IKEA one, but one less thing we have to buy. We went to ikea and bought a good mattress for it (twice the price of the cot itself!) but when we got back, we found out it doesn't fit! The old frame is too small.

I've been on the site, and the measurements for the same cot is bigger than the one we have - does anyone know if they changed the measurements for cots?

Rucky 25 & 5


  • as far as i was aware all cots and cot matresses are a standard size. is it deffinatly a cot matress yuou got and not a cotbed matress? we got ours from ikea and there was only 2 matresses to chose from that fit the cots. one was very thin and the other is alot thicker.
  • sorry, me again!
    what size is your matress you have just got, ill go measure mine and then we will know. i got mine last year x
  • ahh wanna baby, i remember when we wnated to buy ds a cot from ikea we changed out mind as u could only buy the mattress from ikea, they make (or made) them a funny size so that u had to buy both items from them, sneaky! they're now all 123/124 x 66 so a normal 120x60 would be about right (which is the size they now sell) once u've got blankets etc in, and a cotbed mattress which is usually 140x70 would be too big...i thik the ones they used to sell were classed as continiental size, although not sure?? perhaps try looking on ebay, u might still find some new ones ont here in the size u ned? have u measured ur cot to see what size mattress u do need? x
  • my matress is same size as its shown on website 120cm by 60cms. and the cot is no longer avaialbe by the looks of it!
    what size is your matress/cot?
  • wow baby, i see what you mean. we got the matress there as it was cheaper,lol. but it is now the standard size. so i suppose the anser looks like they may well have changed the sizes of the cots/matresses since your neighbour brought the cot.
  • Thanks for your help ladies - it's 120 by 60, just the standard size - looking at the cot online, it's the right size for the cot that they sell at the moment. Arrgghh, just means we will have to buy a new cot - it's only ??39 I think, but still!!!

    Thanks for your replies ladies - really helpful xxx
  • hi again. if you are happy with a second hand cot i would say have a look around the car boot sales. i mean you already have a brand new matress so could probably pick a cot up for ??10or ??15 which would save you almost ??25+.
    just an idea. i got loads of bits from car bott, most are brilliant might just need a wash/wipe down. ps i even picked up a dauliter gliding chair for ??5!!!
  • I haven't read all the replies, but yes, they changed the size - Ikea always used to be non-standard (in the UK) sizes, but people were complaining other stores mattresses and bedding wouldn't fit, so they changed it. I know this because my friend had one for her 4 year old, and when she went back for a new mattress when she had her 2 year old, she had the same problem as you and couldn't get one to fit. She complained to them though (which is when they explained why they changed it), and they said if she took the old cot in they'd swap it for a new one for her, and they did! I was amazed, think this is fab service, they could've just said it was tough - but if you live near an Ikea it might be worth you doing the same (although I'd say it was your cot from an older child rather than admit you've been given it lol). Hope this helps
  • We have a cosatto cot and Ikea bedding fits it perfectly as it's also a European (rather than UK) make. If you return the mattress to Ikea and look online for a continental sized mattress I'm sure you'd find one to fit; I even found a mattress shaped just for Quinny Buzz carrycot attachment when I was looking as LO slept overnight in it for a few months. There was a really obvious website called something like baby mattresses online or similar.

    Good luck in your search!
  • Hi,

    we actually where told that they had changed their sizes when we bought our cot, but ours was the old continental size. We got a mattress to fit prefectly from kiddicare that cost ??25 just to save buying a new cot.

    Jayne xx
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