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Hi all, I have been weaning Mollie for over two months now (she's almost 7 months) and she's happy to have a variety of purees (including fish and meat) and I've recently started mashing some foods so it has some lumps. Think it could be time to start on finger foods but wondered what others had started with?

I've read fingers of toast, grated apple, banana, rice cakes and fingers of steamed veggies are good but really worried about her choking. How big do you make the finger food? She hasn't any teeth yet but chews her food really well between her gums.

Would really appreciate any advice. Liz x


  • Gabe's 6 months and we're yet to start finger foods. Though he has had a few just me giving him some of my food like choc buttons (loved) and toast (didn't have a clue what to do with it).

    I'm really nervous too - also Gabe is not sitting up so I don't think he is really ready....dont they have to be sitting up to be able to eat finger food or would it be OK for him to just sit in his bumbo etc?

    Maybe try her with some veggies to start, like broccoli as its easy to hold. Also its one of those veggies that you can cook to death so would melt in her mouth (doesnt have much goodness in when it's soggy but at least its all good practice). You could also do this with stewed apple or pear. Rusks are good too as they dissolve in their mouth...
  • Their gums are so hard, try putting your finger in, ouch !

    We started on grated cheese, ripe pear chunks, buttered toast, little dairylea sandwiches (postage stamp size), then moved onto 7mth heinz biscottti things, lo loves them, and the organix cruncy carrot sticks.

    When I first started finger foods I always made sure another responsible adult was in the house as it made me much more confident.

    Soon your lo will be trying to munch your lunch I tell ya.
  • We started with toast and strips of melon. She loved sucking on it! Now she'll eat anything with her hands - meatballs broken up into little chunks are a big hit, as is banana and pancakes (Warburtons do a good thick style).
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