first day at nursery - im so nervous!

Amy goes to nursery for a full day on thursday and im so nervous!
she has been for 'settling in' sessions and she was ok just quiet and watching the other kids she had a few tears and was screaming when i picked her up last wk.

just they dont know her and she doesnt know them just feel nervous

how did everyone else cope with the 'first day'? how did your lo get on?

please help me calm down!!!!!!!!!! xxxx


  • I do feel for you, my daughter starts nursery in 4 weeks (she's going 5 mornings) and I'm a bit nervous.
  • Me too!!
    Monday we have 'induction' and then several weeks of 'settling in appointments' (she is visually impaired and can only see around 20cms so we are having more visits).

    She will only go to me, OH and my mum-so I'm so worried!! I hope your LO settles in ok-and that your day isn't to stressful!! I'm sure it is us mummy's that get more upset by it all!! (will she be full time?)

    Let us know how she does!! and take care xxx
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