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I was very happy with my peadiatrician of 4 years - am in India and we only have peads here, no hv's or midwives. He has been pretty good with my daughter but now with my five month old baby boy, i always leave his clinic feeling dissatisfied...
One month he weighed the baby wrong forcing me - very casually I might add - to introduce formula. when I double checked the weight on my friends scale, I realised he had made a mistake. When I brought the baby back to be re-weighed and pointed out his mistake he just shrugged. Now I feel no matter what I want to discuss with him he's just very nonchalant and has no opinions. For eg: when i tell him my baby has a rash, he looks blank, my daughter has a knee pain, blank; my baby's reflux is a problem, blank. I'm getting kind of annoyed...
My question to you all is am I over expecting? How much advice can we expect from our HV's / docs / peads?
Oh, ya - yesterday i went to him and he measured him and he casually told me he hasn't grown much. When I asked him if I should be concerned, he said - what's the point - there's nothing you can do! And he smiled! I have since measured him myself 5 times since I've come home and made my friend measure him once and my oh once and he has grown 4cm - another casual mistake?!

Sorry for the rant, but I'm so frusterated...

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  • hi srm! i wouldnt be happy with that care! when it comes to our kids we always worry and we need reasuring that they are ok and to feel that if we need help we will get it. could you ask to see someone else? who maybe has a more professional take on children? never be afraid to ask and if your not happy with what response theyv given you then ask for a second opinion. my docs and hv are forced to listen when iv got a problem with the kids lol. i dont leave til im sure everythings fine. and if you cant see any1 else tell him you feel hes brushing your concerns off and that your not happy with him. can your partner go with you? i find it helps to have the support of mine bein there if im worried im gonna get fobbed off. hope this helps x
  • Hi Holls, this really does help - at least I know I'm not over-reacting! Have spoken to my husband and told him I'd like to see someone else for a while. Feel guilty, but like you said - when it comes to the kids, It's ok to be paranoid! I feel bad coz I've been with him for four years, but it's definitely time for a change.. Thanks.
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