1 year old waking 5am

I have heard that this can be normal around this age...

fin has never been that good sleeper - and some nights i have to resettle a few times and also others he just wont and ends up in bed with us as im shattered and work part time.

BUT he seems to wake at 5am - he doesnt just winge he full pelt screams and cries until we go to him and then the only way to stop him is to get bottle then he wont go back in cot he comes in bed with us!

he will usually go back off but he kicks, wriggles has to be basically on top of me and so im awake from 5am getting very frustrated!

i have thought about controlled crying but we have neighbours and it must drive them mad! also i really dont think he would calm as he gets in such a state!

any ideas????



  • Can you sleep with him in the bed? I wouldn't see it as a bad thing to have him in bed from 5am...as long as my lo gets sleep I don't care where he sleeps lol - when he was poorly once he spent the whole night in his pushchair as he would NOT sleep anywhere else but generally if he wakes up unsettled (which is occasionally) he comes in my bed just so we can both sleep...Controlled crying would not work for us either, I have left him cry for a bit once when he was fighting sleep for a nap but he just got waaay too worked up and it was only for a minute! So I don't think it would work for us either...
    On another note could Lo be cold?? I've noticed if I bundle Gabe with blankets (once he is asleep as he kicks them off otherwise) on top of his grobag he sleeps MUCH better in fact he has slept 13 hours these past 3 nights! xxx
  • Star - Henry is doing this too - he wakes up around 5- 6 and wont go back down, oh normally brings him in with us as he just refuses to go back down in his cot. I put it down to molars but perhaps it is a coincidence as they are the same age. He's never been a late sleeper always wakes between 6-7 but losing this hour is really hard - I know how you feel!! I have put Henry's bed time back by half an hour and it has made a difference but this is only the second day of doing it!! He now goes to bed at 6.30 and slept until nearly 7 today. He also still has a nap at 8-9 then another lunchtime nap for 45 mins. So he doesn't sleep masses in the day. It's so annoying though having to bring them into the bed isn't it!! I swear he's broken my nose from all the headbutting!! Sometimes we just shut the bedroom door and let him walk around the bedroom whinging until we can't take anymore!!

    He does seem right as rain as soon as he's had his bottle but then he's so tired again by 8!!

    Hope you make some progress with Fin- it's no fun still losing out on sleep.

    Also Henry is def not cold as this house is much warmer than where we were and he has a 2.5 tog grobag. Also has 2 blankets and a pillow. He has a quilt in the day and is getting better at not kicking it off!! xx


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  • hey hun my lo is the same at the moment she is 17 months so a bit older but she dosent scream she just chats to herself. Personally i would start controlled crying (sod the neighbours its only a few nights). My lo only chats to herself and dosent ever cry as she knows its not time to get up and i have taught her this from CC. I like my sleep to much and your lo will only get into a proper routine if you teach him how to do it. I have a friend with a nearly 2 year old and he is still waking up for a bottle and dosent go to bed before 10pm only cos she is thinking of her neighbours. It will be a few morning and nights from hell but i would sticj with it and if you feel thats what you need to do dont give in at 5am otherwise you will get nowhere. Just go with what you feel is right for your hun xx
  • thank you - thats made me feel better! fin goes sleep at 7.30 - god your lucky having him in bed that early.... on the days i work were only home at 6 then he has to eat and bath etc so would never be done early! could try pushing him till 8 perhaps although that seems too late and we wouldnt have any kind of evening!

    he naps usually in the morning - although over xmas he hasnt as daddies been playing with him all morning! then he has a sleep about 2.30!

    his room is about 20 and he's in 2.5 tog sleeping bag so dont think hes cold...

    em&hen - you sound like us... we too try that shutting door and he roams the room for while until his winging gets too much to bear!!!

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