tommee tippee teats for thicker milk

I am currently using C&G comfort milk which is quite thick, i was looking at getting the TT teats for thicker feeds but it says from 6 months plus. My little one is 4 months old.

Has anyone else used these teats before the baby was 6 months?



  • I am using the number 2 teat but am finding that it is a bit slow but am worried about using the no 3 teats as it says 6 months
  • I use number 3 teats and my baby is 11 weeks old. I have been using them since we started to use c&g comfort which was about 5 weeks ago. She is fine with them. I think the 6 months+ thing is for if you use normal milk which would come out much faster. She still has size 1 teats when she has water. Give them a go, your lo will soon tell you if they are too big.
  • thanks for the reply.
    I feel a bit more at ease now you have used them before 6 months and will give them a go!
    I use no 1 teats too with water as i find no 2 too fast!
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