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Ok so A week ago, I made lo and oh egg in a cup and I caught oh feeding lo a bit of his to which I squealied 'that has pepper and salt in it!! he has how own!'

oh was a bit upset he had made that mistake but he did mention that butter has salt in it too which I used a lot of to make the egg nice and creamy for lo and now im petrified of giing him butter!!

I know youre supposed to give full fat things like butter and milk but we only have flora in the house and since thats good for cholesterol im wondering if its low in salt enough for a creamy egg in a cup without stressing over salt intake?

I would ask my hv but she told me to give wholemeal bread and screwed up her face when I told her white bread was better for them so I dont have much faith in her. Bless she IS a trainee and I know she has to learn but still...I dont feel confident taking her advice? Anybody else feel like this about students/trainees? I feel so bad too because if my midwife asked is a gaggle of tudents could be present at my birth id have been more than happy to oblige!


  • Hi
    I use Lurpak Unsalted for anything DD has.
  • My dd has always had the same butter we have (we have flora etc not real butter) the amount they have is never going to effect them as long as your not adding salt into there meals then i wouldn't worry about it! xx
  • I used to buy unsalted butter for ds until he was one, now he has whatever we have - I still buy proper unsalted butter for things like mash though. I think a tiny bit won't hurt though, as long as you're careful with the salt content of everything else.
  • Hey there!

    We too use butter, I did ring my mum the first time I gave LO toast to ask 'can he have butter?" lol but as the others have said, it is such a small amount, and as long as you're not adding the salt I think it's fine. I have a stress all the time over what food to give LO!! xx
  • Nice to see I'm nit the only one that panicked RJ lol he'll be having egg today then!! That's lunch sorted!

    Thanks again girls! X
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